Let me sprinkle in a little bit of work as well just my travels of where I have been recently.

Just before leaving I completed a job for Georges River Council shooting initially for an economic development report. That quickly grew into a bigger shot list over 5 days and multiple indoor and outdoor locations across the LGA.

It was a real joy to have a very open brief of please we want you to do what you do best. Wow that doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s kind of magic.
Working with Craig Edmondson from council who guided me through each appointment on the schedule and art directed on the fly. It was one of the best photographic experiences I’ve had in a while.

I got to deliver what I saw was best from each location while having someone there to help guide me and keep me from going too deep into any tangent (creatives never do that) and using or loosing valuable time.

For the first time in a long time I also got to have an assistant with me so I called on a friend who is a photographer far more than an assistant. However having the skills of a graphic designer with me was invaluable. Thanks Naomi Reiter for hanging out with me for 5 days and running around like a crazy person across the St George area.

Here are just a few of the images delivered for the council, all shot on my Sony Australia A7Riii and A7iii using a mixture of location lighting from Godox Photo Equipment Co. Ltd and Elinchrom LTD

Love my job, love my work.