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Hi I am Matthew Vasilescu, Sydney based Corporate and Commercial photographer.
I have been using a camera to engage with the world for over 25 years. It’s not a job, it’s not a medium, it’s a vocation. I am genuinely interested in the subjects I photograph and I think you might agree that it shows. The way people respond to me, the insights I capture, and the way viewers engage with the imagery creates a connection through the lens.

Why I have photographed some of the worlds biggest names

This has been my secret sauce and success in many fields. It is why I am commissioned to ‘shoot’ people like Harrison Ford, Julia Gillard, Germane Greer, Donald Trump and Anthony Robbins. I have covered everything from news editorials and celebrity profiles to boardroom portraits and corporate events. I am an accredited AIPP photographer and also serve as a volunteer NSW council member. You will also find me continually working on material to exhibit, from landscapes to social & community issues. These are often my personal photographic art collections, which usually informs my current work.

How I Can Help

Perhaps you’re compiling an annual report. Creating a new website. Promoting an event, a department, or a person. The distressing reality is that for all your hard work, most people will either skim it or skip it – and they’ll do that within the first HALF A SECOND of setting eyes on it.

So how do you get them to pay attention? How do you entice them to get involved? The biggest mistake people make when creating communication is focusing on what they want to say instead of how people will receive it. This makes for an expensive missed opportunity. Why? Because 100% of the value of any communication is not in the information you deliver, but in the engagement it creates. In how it makes people feel. And the first and therefore most important thing people engage with are the images you use.

Say More With Your Images

It is the images that will entice viewers to stay on your page, read your words, listen to your carefully crafted story. And if the images don’t engage them – emotionally, nor rationally – then you’ve missed your opportunity and the rest of the time and money you’ve expended has been lost. This is why using ‘snaps’ taken by ‘someone’ is such a costly mistake.

I have always had a knack for seeing the humanity and essence in every context, for finding the emotional hook, the heart of the visual story, and capturing it in an image. Fast.

If you want to find out more about how I can do this for you, give me a call or get in contact on email. I look forward to talking with you and creating amazing imagery.

“Not only are Matthew’s photographs great, but he also makes the whole shooting experience pleasurable and personable, which is fantastic if like me you are uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Thank you again, Matt!

Martin McQueen
Outlaw Media


For a quote to discuss your corporate photography requirements please feel free to contact me on the phone, email or complete a quote request form.

“I am here to help you produce exceptional photography”

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We needed to tell a story.

When we asked Matt to take our new photos for use on our website and brochures he listened to what we wanted, but then he suggested that we needed to tell a story and deliver more than just an image of ourselves against a white background. Matt was easy to work with and the photo shoot was fun. He researched the location beforehand and considered the light and other factors whilst taking the photos. The photos are amazing and we have received so much great feedback since we started using our new photos. I am happy to recommend his photography services to other friends and colleagues.

Kathryn Harriss
Harriss Jones Lawyers

The WOW factor!

Matthew is one of those creative photographers that captures the most amazing and unique moments through his photography. Many of our clients use his services for their corporate photography and the images we are supplied fit brilliantly within their branding and give an extra WOW factor!

I can highly recommend Matt for his corporate photography.

Fabian Perez
Emroy Creative Group

It helped our business build its visual profile.

We first hired Matthew to help our business with its visual profile. We didn’t realise how much great photography and a great photographer can impact on the way we display our business. We asked Matthew to photograph the rooms of our apartments including odd little details which he did not only with creative flare but also gave us multiple views of the spaces so as to further enhance our message.

It helped us tell the story of our cities in ways we couldn’t do with words. As we do lots of online material/marketing to have a suite of images available is vital for us and made it an easy decision to hire Matthew on multiple occasions.

Suzanne Geraghty
Semester In Australia

“Having the skills and knowledge to deliver results from all scenarios.”

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