Health Care & Medical Photography Sydney

From clinics, to hospitals, to medical research facilities, my professional photography journey has taken me to many research laboratories across Australia. Working in tight quarters under strict deadlines is my specialty. Check out my healthcare photography portfolio to see more of my medical photography.

Healthcare Photography That Gets Results

Having worked on many healthcare phoot shoots in countless labs, medical facilities and hospitals over many years, I know how to achieve the best results for your project.

Healthcare Photography Made Simple

While each client has unique requirements, here’s a guide on how I would work with you on your project.

Discuss requirements

Discuss requirements and provide quote for approval.

Solid brief & schedule

Solid brief and shooting schedule set out in communications before the shoot days.

Shoot/film your location

Shoot at your health or medical facility.

With an eye on the time

With an eye on the time always, we will get to multiple locations.

Receive images proofs

Receive image proofs for selection within 24 hours of the shoot's completion.

Choose shots

Choose shots to be delivered with blemish removal, colour contrast and lighting balance applied and uploaded to secure online storage for delivery.



Love your work!

George Astudillo

Images speak a thousand words through the emotion and the hidden queues they convey. That’s very in the medical and healthcare space where photography conveys much in the way of team work and the exacting science that is part and parcel of this field.

Frequently Asked Questions on Healthcare Photography

How long will a photoshoot take?

Depending on the brief but typically a shoot of an individual on location at a site or workplace will take from 60-90 minutes depending on how many scenes you would like to capture.

How many photos will I get?

Depending on the type of shoot, a usual half day on location, that is 3-4 hours shooting you will find delivers anywhere from 100-150 images. However, the count may vary depending on the brief.

For a construction location you may find that rise to 200 plus as there are many details and views to capture.  
On an office location shoot it may drop down to under 100 depending on the amount of staff in the office and scenes captured.

Ultimately you will get your own commissioned unique images that no-one else has that share your story of business.  

Where can I use the images?

Essentially most anywhere, I am always happy for a client to use them in their internal/external marketing, on websites, in social media and in brochures. If you are going to put them on a billboard or the side of a bus then maybe we need to talk further but that will have likely already happened.

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