How do you help a client with their commercial photography that has a range of needs that aren’t always “sexy” but just need to be done in a professional and efficient time-frame.

Firstly understand the scope of the job and what the client is expecting then show them how you can deliver images they can use in a range of applications from proposals, to weekly/monthly client reports of their own and that Holy Grail of today’s business world, social media.

What did I do for Keystone Building Solutions Australia?

Quoting a new way to be more attractive

I provided a quote based on individual visits to the job site, rather than a single total which locked us both into a working budget and wasn’t flexible on both sides.

The building industry deals well with variation which made it easy to quote this way and a first for me to break down my quoting into such small blocks.

Shooting at this site was an extension of the usual industrial photography as it didn’t involve a big mining pit or a workshop and machines bending steel or welding. It was kind of a hybrid of industrial photography and commercial photography which meant I was making hero shots of everyday workers on a roof top in Coogee as well as documenting the progress of the job for the client. It just so happened that the location was right on the edge of the safe fly zone which also meant I was able to document it from the air on a few occasions. With a RePL, (remote pilots licence) and knowledge of safe operating procedures the client benefited from my drone photography and video as well.

Have a look at the results for yourself and you will see the combination of industrial photography and commercial photography. Along with the relationship that I made with the staff onsite that allowed me to deliver for the client on many levels, including from the air.