Spectacular Drone Photography & Videos

The advent of drone photography has allowed by visual artform to take flight and to reach new heights. For truly awe inspiring visuals of your business, property or architectural project, drone photography can deliver results that were traditionally reserved to the likes of movie directors. Bring a touch of Hollywood to your business with epic drone shots from Matt Vas Photography!

Matt shoots with military precision and artistic flare. An expert conversationalist and brilliant storyteller, Matt’s pictures communicate on a higher level. In some industries, awards are tokens of gratitude.. but in photography, Matt’s many, many awards are marks of respect. Use him.

Norrsken Ko.

Stunning drone photography visuals in the hands of a skilled and experienced operator and professional photographer – that’s what’s on offer on every one of my drone photo and video shoots. Reach out to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Drone Photography

Do you have a licence for your drone?

Yes, I hold a RePL licence with CASA, I am also fully insured to carry out aerial operations. If I need anything above this licence, I call upon it as required.



What happens if the weather turns in an outdoor shoot?

In construction/building weather delays are commonplace, we will often do a weather check the day before and sometimes the day of a shoot.

Just as in an architectural shoot the weather plays an important factor in making sure the story and location is looking it’s best for the shoot.

If a delay happens, we will find a suitable day (often the next day) to reschedule. I don’t charge for any reschedules it’s just a matter of business and shooting on location.

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